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Where to start. We had experienced a couple of large facilities in Baytown prior to ADL and were very disappointed with the care our parents received. After several falls and calls in the middle of the night to come and “care for our parents” who were in full-nursing care facilities, we found ADL. What an amazing place full of loving, qualified caregivers who treated our parents like their parents. My family and I were in and out of ADL often and several times per week and sometimes per day – every time, we found our parents and other residents to be well fed, well cared for and safe. Not one time did either of our parents fall while in their care. Nor did we get a call to sit with them because they could not handle their situation.Both of our parents have now passed but thanks to Virginia and her team of wonderful caregivers at ADL, their last days were filled with treatment of care, respect and love. They went above and beyond for Mother and Dad and for our family and for that we will always be grateful. I could go on and on but I will close with saying – there is no place better for your loved one than with these ladies. There was such a peace of mind that we had not known before and that is irreplaceable when trying to find the right place for a loved one. Thank you!

Kathlynn Self

I’m writing this review for who ever is looking for a good place to take care of their loved one, I have had my mother there for several years now and i’m very satisfied. All of the caregivers there are very friendly and take good care of all of the people living there. If you go there to visit the home is always clean they keep it very clean year around and the staff is always keeping an eye on everything and are very professional on how they perform their work . If you take your loved one to a nursing home the caregivers usually have more than ten people to look after, here the caregivers have no more than four at a time the number varies but not by much. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good place to go to ADL assisted living and take a look and ask questions the staff there is friendly and will help you and answer any questions you have.

Guadalupe Hernandez

ADL Assisted Living was an answer to our prayers. We found out about ADL through A Place for Mom. We met with Virginia Campbell the owner and learned that this was exactly where our mother would do best. ADL is a home setting… we loved that. Ms. Campbell and her Staff met any and every need we had. Our experience with ADL was a God Send. If you find yourself needing help with a loved one we highly recommend ADL. A Big Thank You to The Staff and Virginia Campbell… Gods Blessings

Ellen Cormier

The quality of care here is far higher than what you will pay at any larger commercial community. There is far more attention given to each resident’s specific needs, and the communication with family members is excellent. I wish more activities could be arranged with the residents, even if it was on-site, but the home is clean and we’ll keep, and the staff is so accommodating! It is in a lovely suburban neighborhood and an outdoor area is provided .

Jenna Pinkston

My mom has been there almost a year! Best care so far. Nursing homes/rehab facilities are no match for personal care…. this is truly a home… not a hospital-like atmosphere. Virginia and her staff are the Bomb! Thanks for all you do…. makes my life less stressful.

Johnnie Scheuneman

ADL Assisted living has proven to be the best place my Mom could be. She is healthier now than she has been in years. Virginia and the staff are outstanding! I can’t say enough about how they take care of the people there. I highly recommend you call and speak with [name removed]. Thank you,

Mitch Hoefar

ADL is an exceptional facility that provides a home environment for our loved ones. It’s home and we’re thankful to the Lord for it.

Elvia Pequeno

I am so happy with the 24-hour care my mother gets at ADL. The staff is great and I love the home-like setting. It’s close so I can visit often. I don’t have to worry because I’ve seen the care they give her.

Connie Schofield